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Prominent Brexiteer Liam Fox will attack opponents of Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Friday, as he publicly rows behind the arrangement the prime minister has agreed with the EU.

International trade secretary Dr Fox is set to accuse critics of failing to face up to the tough choices and compromises needed to reach an agreement with Brussels.

The public display of support from the minister, who was involved in the Vote Leave campaign, is a further boost for the PM, after fellow cabinet Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom weighed behind her deal on Thursday.

Dr Fox is also due to outline Britain’s future global trading role in a major speech, saying it is “time to raise our sights, and acknowledge that there is a world beyond Europe, and a time beyond Brexit”.

He is expected to say: “The withdrawal agreement and the political declaration will not please everyone, and we have had some tough choices to make.

“Choices which many in parliament, on both sides of the House, are yet to face up to.

“But the deal we’ve reached will give us a firm and stable base on which to leave the EU and build this country’s global future, a future that still encompasses Europe, of course, but also the wide, fast-growing markets beyond, with all the opportunity that entails.”

Dr Fox was among a group of five cabinet ministers said to be led by Ms Leadsom, that was seeking to tweak Ms May’s withdrawal agreement before MPs vote on it on 11 December.

In a letter to constituents seen by the Daily Mail, Ms Leadsom said coming round to the PM’s plan had been a “challenging journey” for her, but it was the only deal on the table, and meant the UK would quit the bloc in March. Read more

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