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Former shadow chancellor Chris Leslie has become the latest Labour MP to suffer a vote of no confidence from his local party.

Labour members backed the motion brought by the Mapperley branch of his Nottingham East constituency, which said his “disloyalty and deceit” was damaging Labour’s electoral chances.

Copies of the no-confidence motion circulated on social media revealed fury at Mr Leslie’s “repeated attempts to undermine the leadership” and claims his behaviour was “incompatible” with his role as MP.

However several MPs condemned the move, describing it as a “purge” of politicians who disagreed with Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader.

Speaking after the vote, Mr Leslie told The Independent: “If the party pushes away people like me on the centre left for voicing different opinions to the leadership, then that says more about the direction of Labour than it does about me.

“I’m not going to stop speaking up for all my constituents when there are so many massively important challenges, especially the threat of a disastrous Brexit.”

He becomes the fifth MP to lose a no-confidence vote in recent months, with similar action taken against Labour Brexiteers Frank Field and Kate Hoey.

Another Eurosceptic MP, Graham Stringer, emerged unscathed from the challenge, which came after he voted with the government on a key piece of Brexit legislation.

Enfield North MP Joan Ryan, who chairs the Labour Friends of Israel group, and Gavin Shuker, MP for Luton South, also lost no-confidence votes.

Ms Ryan was quick to support the Labour MP, posting on Twitter: “Disgrace that Chris Leslie is next victim of purge with no confidence motion.

“He is a brilliant MP [and] has been key to opposing damaging Brexit and pursuing People’s Vote.

“We certainly have confidence in him in PLP!” Read more

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