" /> EU WARNING Brussels on BORROWED time’ - Eurosceptic forces could
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EU WARNING Brussels on BORROWED time’ – Eurosceptic forces could CRUSH bloc from within


ANTI-EU parties could crush the European superstate from within when they join forces in the upcoming Brussels elections, it has been warned.

he EU has been delivered a blow after research found eurosceptic parties are on course to take a third of seats in May’s European Parliament vote, which will decide MEPs for the next five years. New alliances are being formed among Eurosceptics in Brussels, which could see EU legislation blocked if they win 33 percent of the 751 seats. It could even block the new appointment of the new European Commission president who is set to replace Jean-Claude Juncker when he steps down.

The alliances among anti-EU and populist parties are likely to send shockwaves across the continent and wreak havoc across the bloc’s migration, trade and foreign policy.

The results could trigger a collapse of the EU, which “would defuse pro-Europeans’ argument that the project is imperfect but capable of reform. At this point, the EU would be living on borrowed time”.

The European Council on Foreign Relations think tank report said: “Unfortunately for beleaguered internationalist Europeans, the election really does matter.

“Simply put, winning a certain number of seats will give anti-European forces influence over key processes and decisions.”

With the elections approaching, a political clash is expected to spark a tense battle between Europe’s left-wingers and populists.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini are expected to become the symbols of the two sides at the upcoming vote.

Neither of the two leading politicians will stand for a seat in the European Parliament elections.

But the two political forces have made it clear they will fight for their respective political sides to determine the future of the bloc.

The report predicted that far right parties will gain 132 seats in total (19 percent), conservative eurosceptics 65 seats (9 percent) and the hard left 53 seats (8 percent).

The shock report predicts Mr Salvini’s anti-immigration party League will gain 29 MEPs – 23 more than during the 2014 elections.

While populist party Five Star is also predicted to take 24 seats, ten more than in the previous elections.

France’s far-right National Rally and Germany’s Alternative for Germany are also expected to make gains in the vote. Read more

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EU WARNING Brussels on BORROWED time’ – Eurosceptic forces could CRUSH bloc from within