" /> Global warning over global warming … but Tories remain in the Ice Age
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As policy and economy come head to head with our planet, it will be interesting to see which of our politicians come forward and put country ahead of party, before it’s too late.

In British politics nowadays, the rise of populism has led to discontent over Britain’s position within the European Union. The Government listened, and we are now scheduled to leave the group. Yet, it has not been as easy as expected, and negotiations have brushed other crucial issues to the side. One of those issues happens to be Global Warming.

Since the Industrial Revolution, it has been clear that the climate has deteriorated at a concerning rate. Still, not enough seems to be being done, perhaps as enhanced technology is seen by many as a fair compromise. ‘Back in the day’ climate change was seen as an issue, but one that could be contained, stopped even.

Nowadays the problem is more prominent, with experts suggesting that by 2030, the planet will reach the point where we can’t stop runaway climate change. Whether genuine or fearmongering, the point still stands — global warming is real and needs to be kept to a minimum.


There seems to be consensus around this viewpoint, with march after march occurring throughout 2019. Inspired by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, there have been student protests globally at a monthly rate, asking world leaders to act.

These protests have come in unison with the formation and action of Extinction Rebellion. With a slogan of ‘Fight for life Rebel for life’, the organisation has seen vast media attention, with controversial protests disrupting the livelihoods of 500,000 and leading to over 200 arrests. Regardless of one’s view on the group and their methods, it must be said that climate change is now well and truly back on the agenda — at least outside Westminster.


Regrettably, as the climate changes, the Government’s stance fundamentally does not. Myopically, and without consensus, Prime Minister Theresa May undermined the youth’s ability to practice democracy, describing the protests as ‘disruptive’ and a ‘waste’ of lesson time. Read more

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