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These pictures capture the bedrooms where disadvantaged children sleep and live across London. Bedrooms of London, a new photographic exhibition at the Foundling Museum, documents the living conditions of London’s children who are living in poverty.


Supported by The Childhood Trust, the series of images by photographer Katie Wilson are accompanied by often-heartbreaking stories of how families manage in such conditions.

Some of the heartbreaking images and stories show cots crammed in tiny spaces next to kitchenettes and reveal how parents are forced to wash clothes in the shower.

Nadine, 17, Crystal, 16, Peter, 15 and Simone, nine, live with mum and dad in a two-bedroom flat. The children share one room and spend their leisure time here, between studying and helping mum to tidy the flat.

Other children, like newborn Jane and her mother Amelie who live in a bedsit at a hostel and are kept awake at night due to nightly parties, late-night rows and chronic substance abuse from neighbours.

In a city where extreme poverty and wealth exist side-by-side, Bedrooms of London looks at the shocking reality of home life for the 700,000 children currently living below the poverty line in the capital.

The exhibition can be seen between February 8 and May 5 next year.  Read More


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