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After Fiona Onasanya’s dismissal as the Member of Parliament for Peterborough, there was serious interest in which party would win the subsequent by-election.

Onasanya was sent to prison in January for Perverting the Course of Justice after being untruthful regarding a speeding offence. The Labour Party kicked the former MP out of their party after this offence came to light.

Peterborough City Council received just shy of 20,000 signatures by constituents arguing that Onasanya should lose her job altogether. After a short period of being an independent MP, she has now been kicked out of the House of Commons altogether.

The new candidate for the Labour Party, Lisa Forbes, has also been embroiled in controversy. She has been involved in several Jewish incidents, including one case where she liked an anti-Semitic post on social media.

Despite Labour losing 17 per cent of their vote share in the Peterborough constituency, they just managed to hold that seat in this month’s by-election, with the Brexit Party coming just 2 per cent behind them. Unsurprisingly, the Conservative Party suffered the biggest loss in vote share in the by-election, holding just 21 per cent of the vote now as opposed to the 46 per cent share they had from the 2017 General Election.

Even though the vote share loss for Labour was considerable, they did indeed manage to cling onto that seat. So is this by-election a sign of things to come in the next general election?

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