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The Chancellor today announced the appointment of Professor Arindrajit Dube to undertake a review of the international evidence on the impacts of minimum wages.

Chair of the Low Pay Commission Bryan Sanderson said:

We welcome the Chancellor’s announcement. It’s good news to have such a respected expert supporting our work on the post-2020 NLW path.

The LPC will be engaging with the Government over the coming months on our post-2020 remit, to help shape the remit and make sure it reflects what we know about the effects of the NLW so far.

We are launching our annual consultation very soon – and will be looking for stakeholders’ views on the post-2020 NLW.


  • The Low Pay Commission is an independent body made up of employers, trade unions and experts whose role is to advise the Government on the minimum wage. The LPC’s 2018 Report was published on Tuesday 27 November. Evidence gathered on previous visits contributed to the 2018 report.
  • The Written Ministerial Statement accompanying the Spring Statement included further details on the review: “The government can confirm the Low Pay Commission’s remit for 2019, and later this year we will set a new remit beyond 2020. We have today published the Terms of Reference for Professor Arindrajit Dube’s review of the latest international evidence on minimum wages.  This review will report to HM Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. As these terms set out, Professor Dube will engage closely with the Low Pay Commission, drawing on their expertise and deep knowledge of the UK’s labour market.” Read more

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