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Newcastle hospitals chief sacked for gross misconduct

Newcastle hospitals chief sacked for gross misconduct

The longest-serving NHS hospital boss has been sacked for gross misconduct and is being investigated by the service’s internal anti-fraud police. Sir Leonard Fenwick was dismissed by the board of Newcastle upon Tyne hospitals foundation trust after 39 years for...

Brexit trade talks may be reduced to as little as 10 months

Brexit trade talks may be reduced to as little as 10 months

Britain may not start negotiating its future trade relationship with the EU until the end of the year, ministers are admitting privately. Originally it was hoped that phase two of the Brexit talks – covering a future trade deal, not just the withdrawal arrangements –...

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The Demise of Anglo-American Economic Leadership

Since the time of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, countries around the world have followed America and Britain’s economic example – privatizing, de-regulating and opening up their economies to foreign trade and investment, sometimes known as the ‘Anglo-Saxon...

The new Russian–Iranian entente in the Middle East

The rise of Iranian influence in the Middle East is not only the result of a sustained exploitation of regional instability – largely in Iraq, Syria and Yemen – but also the consequence of a new military entente with Moscow. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in...

For Managing Migration, Australia is No Model for Europe

Alexander Van der Bellen, who campaigned on moderation and tolerance, won Austria’s presidential election in Europe. But in the search for explanations as to how the country came close to electing a far-right populist as its president, some have suggested that support...

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