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Sadiq Khan launches anti-violence plan based on Glasgow unit

Sadiq Khan launches anti-violence plan based on Glasgow unit

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has unveiled plans for a violence reduction unit based on a model in Glasgow unit that treated violence as a public health issue and had significant success. The unit will be set up with £500,000 from City Hall and will expand on work...

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Twitter abuse of MPs rockets, new analysis shows

Online abuse of MPs rocketed between 2015 and 2017, an analysis of more than one million tweets shows. Twitter insults aimed at politicians rose from about 10,000 during the 2015 general election to just under 25,000 during the snap 2017 general election, although the...

Giraldi: Why Confronting Israel Is Important

I am often asked why I have this “thing” about Israel, with friends suggesting that I would be much more respected as a pundit if I were to instead concentrate on national security and political corruption. The problem with that formulation is that the so-called...

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