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Philip Hammond Says A Second Brexit Referendum Is A ‘Coherent’ Idea

Chancellor warns “self indulgent” cabinet ministers that ousting May will not solve the Brexit impasse.

The chancellor suggested he was open to the proposition of a second Brexit referendum as he warned “self indulgent” cabinet colleagues plotting to oust Theresa May that changing leader would not solve the impasse gripping Britain.

Philip Hammond acknowledged that Tories are “very frustrated” but stressed the Commons must find a majority for a Brexit option that avoids no deal, acknowledging a second referendum on the prime minister’s deal was a “perfectly coherent proposition”.

He said parliament will “one way or another” have an opportunity to back alternatives to May’s beleaguered deal in indicative votes in the coming days, and that a plan for the withdrawal agreement to be put to a public vote “deserves to be considered”.

It came as The Sunday Times reported that 11 cabinet ministers want May to step down and replaced with a caretaker leader, with the PM’s de facto deputy David Lidington in pole position to take over.

But the Mail on Sunday reported other ministers were plotting to install Environment Secretary Michael Gove as PM.

Asked if he was trying to help Lidington get the top job, Hammond said: “That’s not the case”.

But he acknowledged on Ridge on Sunday on Sky News: “I speak to all sorts of colleagues and I am not going to divulge the contents of those conversations.

“But I will be absolutely up front – people are very frustrated and people are desperate to find a way forward in the two weeks we’ve got to resolve this issue.”

Hammond however warned that changing leader would make no difference, telling Ridge: “The world watching will see that we have just over two weeks to complete this process. Read more

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Philip Hammond Says A Second Brexit Referendum Is A ‘Coherent’ Idea