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The Russia-Iranian coalition is neither honest nor permanent!


Iran and Russia currently compromise with each other, more than ever. Since 2007 when the Russian president traveled to Iran for the first time in 50 years, he has visited Iran twice (in 2015 and 2017) and was warmly welcomed on each visit.

He has had several hours of meetings with the Iranian Supreme leader and president. During the nuclear talks, which lasted for nearly a decade, the Russians accompanied Iran more than others. The two countries are also standing together on the issue of Syria.

The Russia-Iranian coalition is neither honest nor permanent!

The Russia-Iranian coalition is neither honest nor permanent!

Putin visits the Supreme Leader immediately after arriving in Tehran. The repeated issue of negligence and annoyance on Bushehr’s Nuclear Power Plant was forgotten; the Russian S-300 fly in Iran and Iran withdraws its complaint. Military commanders announce buying important equipment such as tanks and fighter planes from Russia, and Russia tries to join Iran in the Shanghai treaty…

These are recent headlines that have led to various analyses on Iran-Russia relations, showing a common outcome: a close relationship between Iran and Russia.

Particularly after the Ukraine event, and as a result of the boycotting of Russia by the West, the proximity was even greater. Many analysts believe that having a common enemy (the United States) has caused a closer relationship between the two countries, giving the opportunity to the Islamic Republic to take a long step towards improving its capabilities, specifically in the military field.  Read More


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