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A Scots Guardsman has said he plans to resign after his face was used on a controversial army recruitment poster that promises to transform ‘snowflakes’ into soldiers.

Stephen McWhirter, 28, was clueless to the fact his face was going to be used on a poster stating “snowflakes – the army needs you and your compassion”,according to the Mail on Sunday.

He took to Facebook to express his annoyance after seeing his face plastered on the poster. He was bombarded with sarcastic messages from colleagues and he has accused the army of leaving him open to ridicule.

The soldier, based at Wellington Barracks in London, raged over the £1.5million promotional push, in a discussion with fellow squaddies.




One wrote: “Imagine the army taking a photo of you and writing ‘snowflake’ in massive bold letters above your head. I’d be signed straight off.”


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