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Tommy Robinson has left prison with more money and more backers after a swell of support from right-wing activists, according to new research.

The far-right figurehead could be jailed again at a new court hearing where he again faces contempt of court allegations.

But he is currently a free man after judges at the Court of Appeal quashed a 13-month sentence at Leeds Crown Court as the result of a “fundamentally flawed process”. Robinson’s release was greeted with jubilation by supporters.

International protests started almost immediately after Robinson was jailed, under his real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon, on 25 May and he has received almost £20,000 in Bitcoin since that date.

Followers from as far afield as Istanbul and Washington sent donations in the virtual currency, according to research by Press Association, including a payment of more than £5,500 that passed through his Bitcoin wallet on the day he was imprisoned.

Robinson’s following on social media has also surged and he has been publicly supported by figures including the US president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

“I’d have done six months just for that recognition,” he purportedly wrote in a letter from prison.

Several crowdfunding pages for supporters to donate in dollars and pounds have also been set up, claiming that they would be used to pay Robinson’s legal fees and support his wife and three children.

The 35-year-old’s official website allows visitors to make one-off or monthly donations in pounds, while his former employers at the Canadian Rebel Media website have been running a “Save Tommy” crowdfunding page.

Administrators said they had paid Robinson’s legal fees and any surplus would go to his family following Wednesday’s appeal ruling, but US think-tank the Middle East Forum also claimed it was paying his legal defence – on a webpage that has since been taken down. Read more

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