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Donald Trump has warned that Theresa May‘s proposed Brexit deal may make trade with the US more difficult. The US president said the deal sounded like it would be good for the European Union (EU), before expressing concern about where the it left trade between the UK and his country.

“I think we have to take a look seriously whether or not the UK is allowed to trade. Because right now if you look at the deal, they may not be able to trade with us,” he told reporters outside the White House. “And that wouldn’t be a good thing. I don’t think they meant that.”

He added that he hoped Ms May would be able to address the problem, but he did not specify which provision of the deal he was concerned about.

In response to Mr Trump’s comments, a Downing Street spokesman said: “The political declaration we have agreed with the EU is very clear we will have an independent trade policy so that the UK can sign trade deals with countries around the world – including with the US.

“We have already been laying the groundwork for an ambitious agreement with the US through our joint working groups, which have met five times so far. The US Trade Representative also issued a call for views from the public on a future UK-US free trade agreement earlier this month.”

Under the agreement struck by Ms May, the UK would continue to trade with the US under EU rules until at least the end of the transition period in December 2020.

The US is Britain’s largest single export market – in 2016 trade with the country was worth nearly £100bn, according to the Office for National Satistics. Read more

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