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The UK government has not proposed a bill designed to implement the prime minister’s fragile Brexit withdrawal treaty. Andrea Leadsom, leader of the House of Commons, said on Thursday that there was no plan to introduce the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to the Commons next week.

The passage of the legislation would pave the way for both the UK and the EU to ratify the draft exit treaty and, if swiftly approved, there would be no need to hold European Parliament elections on May 23. But if the legislation is rejected, the government could not reintroduce it again in this session of parliament.

The bill could still be proposed next week at the last minute if the Commons business is amended. Ms Leadsom said: “It is absolutely unacceptable that, here we are three years on, faced with the need to fight European elections because this House has not found it in its heart to be able to allow us to fulfil the will of the people. Read more

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