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Analysis:  All five living former prime ministers have spoken out against Mr Johnson and his plan to break international law.

Former chancellor Sajid Javid and former attorney general Geoffery Cox have both come out to say they cannot support a bill that will override the Brexit divorce deal.

Breaching international law in a “specific and limited way” is a step too far for many MPs regardless which side of the line they stand when it comes to Brexit and Boris Johnson.

The rebellion is building. Eighteen Conservative MPs have now publicly expressed concerns with the bill, while others tell me they are keeping their powder dry until next week when they will have the chance to amend the bill and give parliament, rather than ministers, the power to trigger any tearing up of the UK-EU Withdrawal Bill.

Mr Johnson won the second reading vote comfortably on Monday night, but I’m told the number of rebels is ticking up to 30. And it could grow larger still. So prepare for plenty of parliamentary drama in the coming few weeks as MPs and peers in the Commons and the Lords try to amend the bill and pressure builds on the government to accept amendments.

This is a very un-Tory thing to do,” said one rebel. “Many MPs are keeping their own counsel but are making it clear to the whips that this bill must be amended.”

It is in many ways a re-run of the tactics of 2019. You may well remember the running battles between Mr Johnson, parliament, and the EU that autumn.   Read More..

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