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The mayor of Greater Manchester has urged Boris Johnson to “break the impasse” over plans to place his region under Tier 3 coronavirus alert.

Andy Burnham is calling on the Prime Minister to put the terms of any new restrictions before MPs by holding a vote in the Commons.

The Labour mayor is continuing his battle to secure increased funding in exchange for the area accepting strict new Covid-curbing measures.


He was said to have had a “constructive” conversation with Mr Johnson’s chief strategic adviser, Sir Edward Lister on Sunday afternoon, but has yet to agree on plans to move Greater Manchester into the Government’s “very high risk” category.


In a letter to the PM, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and other party leaders in Westminster, Mr Burnham stressed that “most places” will end up in Tier 3 at some point before a vaccine is rolled out.


Warning “this is not just a Greater Manchester issue” he insisted that “clear national entitlements” were essential to creating the “sense of fairness” needed to ensure compliance with new restrictions.

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