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Banksy spray painting of a Tube carriage showed London Underground was “not safe”, the RMT union has said.

A video posted on the artist’s Instagram in July showed a man, thought to be Banksy, disguised as a cleaner.

He was wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and used equipment Tube staff would use to disinfect trains.

Transport for London said the Tube was safe but the RMT, which many Tube staff belongs to, said it was not a lapse in security but showed “there wasn’t any”.

The work by Banksy, called If You Don’t Mask, You Don’t Get, featured a number of rats in pandemic-inspired poses and wearing face masks.

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It was removed by TfL cleaning crews who were said to be unaware it was a Banksy artwork and treated it “like any other graffiti on the network”.’Anything could happen’The transport authority has now confirmed to the BBC, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, that it had completed an investigation into the incident but would not release its findings because of security concerns and not wanting to encourage copycats. TfL said the artist carried out the graffiti between Barbican and Paddington on the Hammersmith and City Line between 05:24 and 06:31 on 10 July. It also confirmed it had no involvement with either the artist, his staff, or lawyers. The footage also showed the artist painted the words “I get lockdown” on a wall right at the end of a station platform. TfL would not say which station it was but confirmed the artist did not go on the tracks. A spokesperson for the RMT said some stations had no gate-line staff at certain times of the day so people could “literally walk on there with anything they like”.”You can have a coffin under your arm let alone a canister full of paint,” he said.