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Bercow Accused Of Constitutional Vandalism For Blocking Brexit Deal Vote


Ex-No10 aide Nikki Da Costa says she fears the speaker could try and scupper Brexit in a tiebreaker vote.

Commons Speaker John Bercow’s decision to block Theresa May from holding another vote on her beleagured Brexit deal amounts to constitutional vandalism, a former Downing Street aide has said.

Nikki da Costa, the prime minister’s ex-director of legislative affairs, said Bercow was “consistently inconsistent” with his rulings, and accused him of ignoring his duty to be impartial.

Da Costa also revealed that in her time as Number 10’s parliamentary expert, she was worried the speaker may use his casting vote in the event of a tied Commons division to express his own views and seek to scupper Brexit.

She told HuffPost’s Commons People podcast that the government has long found Bercow “deeply, deeply annoying” but acknowledged that he “operated largely within the rules” until late last year.

But the speaker crossed a line when he ripped up precedent to allow Tory MP Dominic Grieve to pass an amendment to dramatically alter the Brexit process in the Commons, da Costa said.

“What we have seen more recently is a trend basically of saying actually where I don’t want the rules to apply, they won’t apply.

“And just this week, a very lengthy exposition on Erskine May, the historic precedent etcetera.

“To me that reads as partiality. Read more

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Bercow Accused Of Constitutional Vandalism For Blocking Brexit Deal Vote