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Business Secretary Greg Clark says Commons should be ‘invited to say what it would agree with’ if – or when – the prime minister’s deal is defeated

A third cabinet minister has called for MPs to be allowed to break the Brexit deadlock through a series of votes on the options, as pressure grows on Theresa May to give way.

Greg Clark, the business secretary, said the Commons should be “invited to say what it would agree with” if – as seems certain – the prime minister’s deal is defeated.

The comment follows similar endorsements from Liam Fox, the trade secretary and a key May ally, and Damian Hinds, the education secretary, over the weekend.

Today, senior Labour MP Frank Field will launch a push by backbenchers for the Commons to be able to “rank its preferences” for potential alternatives to the doomed withdrawal agreement.

Meanwhile, former Tory minister Sam Gyimah – who resigned over the Brexit deal – accused the prime minister of effectively giving up on trying to pass it.

“Instead we have displacement activity designed to distract from last weeks failed renegotiation,” he tweeted, pointing to Ms May’s overnight dismissal of a Final Say referendum.

“And a concerted attempt to discredit every plausible alternative as they run down the clock. This is not in the national interest.”

The idea of indicative votes – on options including the “Norway-plus” soft Brexit model, a fresh referendum and a no-deal Brexit – is gaining ground as the stalemate drags on.


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