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Former Ukip leader’s warning comes as ex-minister reveals growing support in cabinet for Final Say vote

Nigel Farage has told Brexit campaigners they should prepare for another referendum amid parliamentary deadlock over Theresa May’s planned deal.

The former Ukip leader told Leave supporters to be “ready” for a fresh public vote as reports suggest some cabinet ministers are increasingly receptive to the idea of giving the public the Final Say on Brexit.

Speaking at a Leave Means Leave rally in London, he “implored” Brexiteers to prepare for another campaign, suggesting he expected a fresh referendum within months.

Mr Farage told the crowd he did not believe “the great Brexit betrayal is anywhere near finished” and said he was “more fearful than any point in this process”.

He said: “My message folks tonight is, as much as I don’t want a second referendum, it would be wrong of us on a Leave Means Leave platform not to get ready, not to be prepared for a worst-case scenario.”


He added: “We’ve now got to move into a different gear. We’ve got to start forming branches and active groups all over this country.

“We’ve got to re-engage with those millions of people who never voted in their lives before.

“And if all our efforts come to nothing because we leave at 11pm on March 29th, then so much the better.

“But can I urge you, can I implore you to get ready for every situation. I think they will, in the next few months, betray us completely – and let us be ready not just to fight back, but if it comes we will win it next time by a much bigger margin.”

His warning comes amid growing support for a Final Say vote, with parliament set to reject Ms May’s proposed deal.

Several ministers, including Philip Hammond, the chancellor, and Ms May’s deputy, David Lidington, are said to be increasingly receptive to the idea of another referendum, and want Ms May to hold a series of “indicative votes” in parliament to determine which Brexit outcome she is most likely to build a Commons majority for.


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