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One in four British people have have a plan in place to survive a zombie apocalypse, a new survey claims. The study, commissioned by streaming service NOW TV, found around one in six of those surveyed have considered putting together a survival kit.

The top items people said they should include in this kit include food, water and weapons, a first aid kit, tampons, water bottles, torches and matches.

But nearly one in ten of the survey’s respondents said they may only be able to live for a week in a post-apocalyptic world.

Most believe it will begin in New York City, and then spread to London.

The research was commissioned by streaming service NOW TV to celebrate the return of The Walking Dead, with season nine available to watch now.

NOW TV also partnered with Lewis Dartnell, a professor of astrobiology at the University of Westminster, who put together a list of tips on how to survive an attack.

He also created escape route guides for residents of London and Manchester.

According to Mr Dartnell, your first focus should be getting out of populated areas, rather than hiding in your home.

Mr Dartnell said: “Not only will they become the densest concentrations of zombies, but modern urbanised areas simply won’t be habitable once the technological bubble that supports them disappears: no electricity, running water or gas.

“Very large numbers of people would succumb almost immediately in the packed cities. The ‘average’ survival time would be a matter of days.

“Leave your house behind and head for isolation and make your first destination a camping shop for warm clothing, waterproofs and some sturdy hiking boots.

“Rely on a car GPS device instead of smart phone maps – you’ll soon be losing phone signal when power grids go down.”

“Chapstick, Vaseline and hairspray are all great for helping get a fire started in difficult conditions.

“With regard to weapons I suggest relying on your own ingenuity and resourcefulness, fashioning what you need from metal pipes or nails.”

The survey of 2,000 British people found the average person believes they could avoid being bitten by zombies for just over nine weeks.

One in six said they would watch zombie TV shows for tips on how to stay alive. Read more

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