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A mother was petrified for her family’s lives when armed police raided her London home late at night to arrest her son, 12, who was seen with a toy gun.

Mina Agyepong, 42, was asleep when officers with dogs broke in and aimed weapons at her and her children.

Her son Kai had roused suspicions of a passer-by who said they saw a “black male holding a firearm on the sofa”, in Medburn Street, Camden.

The Met Police confirmed only a “toy bb gun” was found in the raid, on 17 July.

‘Red dots on daughters’ heads’

“At about 12:00 I woke up to a commotion outside, barking dogs and shouting,” Ms Agyepong told the BBC.

“Kai had opened the door and was being arrested. About ten armed police officers were aiming their rifles at me and my girls and shouting for us to put our hands up.

“I saw there were red dots on my daughters’ heads and I started to get really scared. I honestly believed if the officers got alarmed in anyway, they would shoot.

“We were ordered to get out of the house with our hands up and Kai was taken away. I was petrified for my kids lives.”

Toy gun
  Image copyright MINA AGYEPONG Image caution officers found a toy ‘bb’ gun and not a firearm during a search of the house


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The gun seen by the passer-by through the family’s window was later confirmed to be a plastic pellet gun.”A male in the property was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm and taken into a police van outside the house,” a Met Police spokesman said.”A search was conducted and officers found an item which was identified as a toy ‘bb’ gun and not a firearm.”‘Zero-to-a-hundred response’However, an internal review did not “identify any misconduct issues” but a “mandatory referral” to the Independent Office for Police Complaints had been made, the force confirmed.