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Parts of Scotland have suffered heavy flooding after thunderstorms and a month’s worth of rainfall hit parts of Britain overnight.

A series of pictures shared on Twitter showed cars floating away at a flooded hospital car park in Fife, Scotland, which has been battered by torrential rain.

The staff from Victoria Hospital in Glasgow said their vehicles suffered severe damage.

Earlier today, NHS Fife chief executive, Carol Potter, said the hospital itself was still operating as normal but that car parks A & B were out of action.

In a statement published on Twitter, she said: ‘My heart goes out to those staff and patients who have returned to find their vehicles damaged following flooding as a result of last night’s thunderstorms.

“Our resilience team along with colleagues in Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue have been working throughout the night to help those affected and we’ve been overwhelmed by offers of support from local companies to help staff get safely home after their night-shift.”

A number of roads in Aberdeen, Perth, Edinburgh, and other locations were blocked off by flash flooding that has left cars submerged in water.

The reopening of schools has also been delayed because of the travel restrictions in some parts of Scotland, and a house was reportedly set on fire after being hit by lightning strikes, which caused power outages in some regions.

The pictures of the submerged streets were in stark contrast to the scenes in the southeast of England, which continues to swelter from a week-long heatwave. Cars float off Cars float off

While a level three heat health alert remains in place in England, 22 flood warnings are in place in Scotland, and in Falkirk, residents have been evacuated amid the flash flooding on the streets. Read more

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