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Labour is falling apart, all thanks to Jeremy Corbyn and his dithering over Brexit. But now is not the time for hesitating — resolve and a rethink are required if Labour is to have a chance at power.

Jeremy Corbyn attracted young voters in the last general election to vote for the Labour Party. However, has the leader really been a Labour success story so far? A strong, likeable Conservative Party leader could end Corbyn’s hopes of ever becoming the Prime Minister.

The two major parties have seemingly fallen apart on the issue which has divided the nation for three years now: the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Speaking of Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn’s strategy (or lack of it) has bemused the electorate across the country. Despite the rightful scrutiny over the Tories’ negotiations with the EU and their eventual deal, there’s no guarantee that Corbyn would have done any better.

His desire to be in a type of Customs Union would have been rejected by both the Conservative Party MPs and Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). The Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, Green Party and SNP MPs would also all have rejected his deal on the basis that he’s very reluctant to campaign for a second referendum.

He still seemingly has no clear plan for Brexit — something that will severely damage his chances of becoming prime minister in the near future if a general election is called. This dithering by the Labour leader has now been spotted and highlighted on by the media. But, a strong Conservative leader could get this country out of the Brexit mess.

Corbyn’s domestic policies may not do him any favours either, especially when his European ones are largely seen as being atrocious. Some of his domestic policies are too far to the left, which would probably not appeal to centre-left labour voters. In all fairness, that’s probably the reason why he did not win the last general election, despite May’s weak campaign leaving the door wide open for Corbyn. Read more

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