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Jeremy Corbyn will berate the prime minister for using the Queen’s speech next week as a “party political broadcast” before the expected general election.

In a speech in Northampton on Thursday, the Labour leader will condemn Boris Johnson for attempting to set out his legislative agenda despite being well short of a governing majority, and using the traditional Queen’s speech ceremony as a “cynical stunt”.

The Labour leader is expected to say: “On Monday, we will be treated to the farce of Boris Johnson’s Conservative government, amid full pomp and ceremony, setting out an agenda to parliament that it has no intention or means of delivering.

“Holding a Queen’s speech before an election is a cynical stunt. Johnson is using the Queen to deliver a pre-election party political broadcast for the Conservative party.

“This government isn’t going to put any legislation before parliament. It has a majority of minus 45, a 100% record of defeat in the Commons and is seeking a general election which will end the parliamentary session the Queen is about to open. Read more

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