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Coronavirus: The government must promise university students they will be able to return home to their families for Christmas, Labour’s shadow education secretary says.

Kate Green has written to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson calling for “urgent clarity and reassurance” on the matter.

It comes after 1,700 students at Manchester Metropolitan University were told to stay in their rooms for two weeks after 127 tested positive for the coronavirus.

Across the UK, at least 32 universities have confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 510 cases have been identified among students and staff since universities reopened, according to data collected by Sky News up to 25 September.

Government scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport has previously said that students may have to stay in halls when term ends to prevent them spreading the infection to older relatives.

But Ms Green said: “Leaving home to go to university should be a momentous and exciting step for young people and their families.

“Universities have done all they can to prepare for students’ safe return, but the government has again let young people down.

“It is unthinkable that students will be locked in their rooms and unable to return home to spend Christmas with their families. The government must promise that this will not happen, and work with universities to enable every student to access tests so that they can travel home safely.  Read More..

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