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She isolated two weeks ago after showing symptoms but is now being treated for pneumonia.

Greater Manchester MP Yasmin Qureshi has been admitted to hospital with coronavirus.

The Labour shadow minister, who represents Bolton South East, started showing COVID-19 symptoms two weeks ago and self-isolated.

But she revealed that on Saturday she was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital with pneumonia, as a stand-off remains over new restrictions being placed on the region.

In a statement on Monday, Ms Qureshi said: “Two weeks ago, I began to feel unwell. I then tested positive for COVID-19, so my family and I immediately self-isolated at home.

“I have not travelled to Westminster or anywhere else.

“I continued to work as best I could remotely, attending virtual meetings and doing casework, but after 10 days, I began to feel much worse and on Saturday I was admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital with pneumonia.