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COVID-19: Public warned to ‘keep it short, keep it local’ as Christmas COVID rules change between UK nations


The PM tells people to “think hard and in detail about the days ahead and whether you can do more to protect yourself and others”.


Boris Johnson has warned “a smaller Christmas is going to be a safer Christmas” as he urged the public to see festive bubbles of up to three households as “maximums” and not “targets to aim for”.


The prime minister told a Downing Street news conference that, following discussions over the last two days, the four nations of the UK had “collectively” agreed to keep the relaxation of COVID restrictions over Christmas.

But, urging restraint, Mr Johnson said all four nations were now offering the same message that: “A smaller Christmas is going to be a safer Christmas, and a shorter Christmas is a safer Christmas.”


However, the prime minister’s suggestion of unity among the UK’s leaders on keeping the original Christmas rules the same in law was soon undone.


The Welsh government later announced that it would be putting its new guidance on limiting Christmas gatherings to just two households into legislation.

“Ministers decided this afternoon that we will be amending the regulations in Wales,” a spokseman said.

“For 23 to 27 December the restriction on two households meeting will be part of Welsh law.


“It makes it easier, so we don’t have the position where the law says one thing and the guidance says something else.”


Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had also earlier recommended that those people forming a Christmas bubble should only meet up on one day and not stay overnight “unless it is unavoidable”.


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