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Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the UK government is poised to add more countries to the quarantine list “straight away”.

Mr Dowden told Sky News that “more announcements” could follow the government’s decision to abruptly impose a 14 day quarantine on travellers returning from Spain.

“It would be foolhardy of the government not to impose those restrictions if we think there is a risk and we will impose those restrictions as soon as we think the risk has materialised,” he said.

“We cannot risk importing it again from other countries where incidences are rising.”

While he added that we are at a “risky moment” in the coronavirus pandemic, he said that travellers who are comfortable with the risk should take it.

“We are at a very risky moment with this pandemic,” he said.

“So long as you’re aware of that risk and comfortable with that risk, go ahead and take your break.”

It comes after Boris Johnson warned that further European nations could lose their exempted status amid signs of a “second wave” of Covid-19.