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A man wrongly suspected of dealing drugs after Fist bump his brother says cases like his “destroy trust” in the police, among the black community.

Liam Joseph, 29, and his brother Dijon are suing the Met Police after they were forcibly searched by officers in Deptford in February 2018.

The brothers believe they were targeted because they are black. Fist bump

The Met Police said there “were no findings of wrongdoing” in relation to the incident.

The brothers told the BBC that officers suspected the pair had exchanged drugs.

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One officer restrained Liam, while a second rifled his pockets and – despite finding nothing suspicious – took his keys and searched his car.”The police were hunting for something to justify an arrest, even though we had done nothing wrong,” Liam said. Lawyers for the pair say they are suing the Met for discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment. Liam says the police force needs to “take accountability” for racially profiling him and his brother. Before beginning legal proceedings, the brothers say they approached the Equality & Human Rights Commission for help in bringing a case but were refused assistance. They also asked Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to admit discrimination under the Equality Act, but this was not forthcoming. Ultimately, Liam says he felt the only option was to begin civil proceedings against the Met.” I would like the police to say they were wrong,” he said.”I’m trying to get some trust back between the police and the black community, but incidents like mine destroy trust.”The only way to rebuild that trust is for police to take accountability.”Liam says he hopes his actions will encourage others to come forward with their own stories.”Police think as only 1% of people are complaining, that the system works – but it doesn’t.”