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French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Beirut to express support for Lebanon in the wake of a massive explosion that tore through the capital earlier this week. France and other countries have send emergency aid and search-and-rescue teams.

But Lebanon, which was already reeling from a severe economic crisis, will need substantial international support to rebuild. The blast killed at least 135 people, wounded thousands, and obliterated Beirut’s port.

Lebanese army bulldozers plowed through wreckage to reopen roads around Beirut’s demolished port Thursday, a day after the government pledged to investigate this week’s devastating explosion and placed port officials under house arrest.

The blast Tuesday, which appeared to have been caused by an accidental fire that ignited a stockpile of ammonium nitrate at the port, rippled across the Lebanese capital, killing at least 135 people, injuring more than 5,000 and causing widespread destruction.