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The Queen has agreed a “period of transition” as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex search for a new role in the Royal Family.

With a final decision expected in the coming days, the family’s most senior advisers are now involved in negotiations. So, who are they?

Harry and Meghan

Private secretary: Fiona Mcilwham

Fiona Mcilwham is the newest of the private secretaries advising members of the Royal Family. She now finds herself at the centre of plans to develop an entirely new way of working for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Joining their team in August 2019, she described herself on Twitter as a “Crown servant, diplomat, wannabe super-mum”.

She previously held a variety of senior diplomatic posts, including ambassador to Albania, and was a senior adviser on EU enlargement.

Private secretaries are the royals’ most powerful aides. They offer advice and guidance on political, diplomatic and constitutional issues and currently occupy a crucial position in an unprecedented time for the monarchy.

As Ms Mcilwham was appointed directly by Prince Harry and Meghan, she is likely to have their trust and confidence in terms of what happens next.

In these uncertain times, her role could become increasingly influential as significant decisions are made. Read more

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