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Saudi Arabia says the Gulf states must be consulted if a US nuclear agreement with Iran is revived, warning it is the only path towards a sustainable agreement.

President-elect Joe Biden has signalled he will return the US to a nuclear accord with Iran and that he still backed the 2015 deal negotiated under Barack Obama, from which Donald Trump withdrew.

A return to the agreement, known formally as the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA).

Biden has indicated he will bring Iran’s US-allied Arab neighbours, such as Saudi Arabia.

“I think we’ve seen as a result of the after-effects of the JCPOA that not involving the regional countries results in a build-up of mistrust and neglect of the issues of real concern and of real effect on regional security.”

Asked whether the Biden administration was already in touch about the shape of a revived Iran deal.

Prince Faisal said the JCPOA was too short in its 10- to 15-year timeframe. Apart from the issue of its missile program and support for proxy groups around the region

“I think electioneering brings out all kinds of comments, and I’ll leave them at that,” he said.

“The kingdom always remembers its friends,” he said. “And of course we will continue to have, I’m sure, friendly contacts with president Trump.”

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