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A UK hostage keeper from terror organisation ISIS has chillingly admitted to planning devastating attacks on British soil.

Alexander Kotey plotted to kill soldiers and police officers during those attacks. In an interview with ITV News, Kotey said he wanted to carry out drive-by shootings on Shepherd’s Bush Police Station. He also claimed he would target the Parachute Regiment Territorial Army Baracks in west London from Syria.

Londoner Kotey was detained by Kurdish police in 2018.

But in his first interview he spoke of the horrifying treatment of hostages and how he would “extract” information from them.

Among the hostages were Manchester-based driver Alan Henning and US journalist James Foley.

According to the Daily Mirror, Kotey, 35, had demanded personal details, including email addresses, from the hostages in order to “open up communication” with their friends so he could demand money and issue threats.

Kotey said: “They were more in number [the prisoners] they had gathered them in one place, different nationalities, varying nationalities, this point it was instructed to extract email addresses from them to open up communication.

“This was mostly before, in the time of Idlib – the time of Aleppo there wasn’t really that kind of interaction between myself and the prisoners.

“It was ‘go and take the necessary information and leave’.”

He added: “I have a lot of accusations against me, they are quite heavy accusations so it wouldn’t change much if I said I was there or I wasn’t.”

Kotey was one of the foursome labelled the ISIS ‘Beatles’.

He denies any involvement in the beheadings of captives carried out by the group’s leader ‘Jihadi John’ – aka Mohammed Emwazi. Read more

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