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Keir Starmer has set out his vision for what he describes as a “moral socialism” focused on combating inequality and injustice, promising also to put the climate emergency at the centre of all policies if he becomes Labour leader.

Writing in the Guardian, Starmer, currently seen as the favourite to succeed Jeremy Corbyn, said Labour should focus on becoming electable, but also use parliament to oppose Boris Johnson, calling him “a prime minister with no conviction or principles”.

Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, is among five candidates through to the second stage of the contest after gaining nominations from 88 Labour MPs or MEPs, close to three times the number of the next most-popular candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Setting out his background as a human rights lawyer who become director of public prosecutions, Starmer said he had “always been motivated by a burning desire to tackle inequality and injustice, to stand up for the powerless against the powerful”.

The party, he argued, could win an election by making the case for “a moral socialism that is relevant to people’s everyday lives and the challenges we face”, saying this should be based on economic justice, social justice and climate justice. Read more

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