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Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour needs to “educate” itself on antisemitism as his party launched an educational webpage that hopes to help drive the issue out of the party.

Labour has provided members with “basic tools” to call out antisemitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories in an attempt to defeat the problem. The materials, on the party’s website, include guidance on how to avoid antisemitism when criticising Israel, and explanations of terms such as Zionism.

In an email to members, Corbyn said the Labour movement needed to “educate ourselves and each other to better stand in solidarity with and unite all those facing oppression and discrimination. That’s why we are launching education materials for our members and supporters to help them confront bigotry, wherever it arises.

“Over the coming months, the party will produce educational materials on a number of specific forms of racism and bigotry. Our first materials are on antisemitism, recognising that anti-Jewish bigotry has reared its head in our movement. Hatred towards Jewish people is rising in many parts of the world. Our party is not immune from that poison – and we must drive it out from our movement.”

He said the party must face up to the unsettling truth that “a small number of Labour members hold antisemitic views and a larger number don’t recognise antisemitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories”.

Corbyn said: “The evidence is clear enough. The worst cases of antisemitism in our party have included Holocaust denial, crude Jewish-banker stereotypes, conspiracy theories blaming Israel for 9/11 or every war on the Rothschild family, and even one member who appeared to believe that Hitler had been misunderstood. Read more

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