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London train : A man has been knocked out in an altercation at a London railway station after an argument about the use of face masks.

Officers are reportedly investigating after the man was knocked to the floor by a passer-by at Clapham junction.

At the time the man and a friend had been arguing with South Western Railway staff after having seen another employee not wearing a face mask.

Coverings are currently compulsory on public transport for all those without a medical exemption to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

In footage capturing the moment, the victim can be heard saying “you’re not wearing one either” as a child and an unmasked man pushing a buggy walk past them.

In response to the comment, which the victim said was not aimed at the man, the passer-by turned – leaving the pram and child while shouting “don’t f****** start on me”.


then appears to show the other man punching him, knocking him to the floor unconscious and bleeding.

Speaking to PA news agency the victim said: “My friend asked one of the station staff a totally reasonable and polite question ‘are you exempt from wearing a mask’.

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