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“I thought I was going to a modeling job, but instead I was lured into a gang rape trap.”Kelly, not her real name, was 17 when she was approached on Instagram by a woman who posed as a modeling scout.

She was invited to meet for a video shoot in central London, but when she arrived, a man she had never met was waiting for her.

“He told me he was the manager and took me to an upstairs apartment where he forced himself on me,” she said.

“The modeling scout I had been talking to online then came in half an hour after with condoms. It was clear that it all had been planned out between them.”

Kelly’s story comes after 1,200 online grooming crimes were recorded by police across the UK during the April to June lockdown period.

About 100 of those were recorded in London while Instagram, owned by Facebook, was noted as the platform of choice for grooming, continuing a trend highlighted by the NSPCC in 2019.

‘Locked me in the toilet’

“I heard the lady on the phone to other men saying ‘she’s here’. It was obvious that they had planned for other men to come to gang-rape me,” Kelly said.

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Kelly, thinking on her toes, told her attacker she was on her period and needed to visit the pharmacy to get tampons.”I managed to convince him to let me go to the bathroom in a nearby cafe where I explained to a staff member what was happening. She told me to lock myself in the toilet while she called the police.”The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has said it and its partners blocked at least 8.8 million attempts by UK internet users to access videos and images of children suffering sexual abuse during the lockdown.