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Packages Found At London’ Waterloo Station, Heathrow And City Airports Were ‘Explosive Devices’, Police Say

Terror police are investigating after three “small improvised explosive devices” were found at separate major transport hubs across London.

Detectives from the Met Police’s terror unit were called in following the delivery of the suspect packages at Waterloo station, Heathrow airport and London City airport.

The parcels, which were white postal sacks containing small A4-sized Jiffy bags, are believed to be linked, Scotland Yard said.

Ireland’s main police force confirmed it was assisting the Met with its probe after pictures broadcast by Sky News appeared to show Irish stamps attached to the packages.

One of the devices was opened by staff at a building opposite Heathrow, causing it to detonate before 10am. The package caught fire but nobody was injured, police said.

Despite being close to the airport, the building is not based within the airport boundary, and flights have not been affected by the incident.

Sky News later broadcast pictures it said were of the detonated device and which appeared to show burnt packaging, together with stamps identified as being in circulation in the Republic of Ireland.

A further package was found at Waterloo Station at 11.40am, but was not opened. “Specialist officers attended and made the device safe. No one was injured,” the Met added.

Half an hour later, another package was found at a building close to City airport in east London. The package was not opened and nobody was injured. Flights are not affected.

No arrests have been made.


The devices were received at hubs across London on Tuesday.

″The Met Police has issued advice to transport hubs across London to be vigilant for and report suspicious packages to police,” a statement said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Twitter: “Our thanks go to police, security, transport staff and all involved for their swift actions to keep our city safe.” Read more

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Packages Found At London  Waterloo Station, Heathrow And City Airports Were ‘Explosive Devices’, Police Say