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On a cold December day 25 years ago, headmaster Philip Lawrence was stabbed outside his school in north-west London as he tried to protect one of his pupils who was being attacked by a gang.

BBC Radio presenter Edward Adoo was a pupil at the time and has been speaking to his former classmates, teachers, and Mr. Lawrence’s widow about what happened that day.

Philip Lawrence was a massive presence in my life. It was he who gave me my very first break in broadcasting when, against the advice of other teachers, he let me start a school radio station.

Calling it a radio station might be stretching it a bit, as we basically just used to play songs off a cassette tape through the school public address system, but it meant the world to me and I really don’t think I would be a broadcaster now if it weren’t for him.

I had moved to St George’s Roman Catholic School in Maida Vale when I was 13 because I didn’t like my previous school and I chose it mostly because my best mate Peter said it had a good vibe.

It was there where I first encountered Mr. Lawrence, a strict but approachable head who was utterly committed to his job, his staff, and the kids in his school.

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My old religious education teacher Ed Conway had been at the school for a couple of years when Mr. Lawrence joined the staff and witnessed the immediate impact he had.”It was a tough school… When I started there in 1990, the exam results were 4% five A-Cs, so it was an incredibly poor-performing school.”He immediately made lots of changes in terms of the curriculum, in terms of putting emphasis on teaching and learning.