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A police officer dragged 650 feet as he clung on to a car through its window today said he was lucky not to have been killed like tragic Pc Andrew Harper. Police officer

Pc Nick Morley, 28, spoke out as new figures revealed around 600 officers are assaulted in London every month.

He and two colleagues stopped Jamie Williams’ grey Mercedes A-Class to speak to him about excessive speeding in Hawthorn Avenue, Thornton Heath.

Williams, then 23, left the car, but as he was questioned got back inside and drove off at speed at 11pm on August 17, 2018.

Pc Morley, who tried to grab the handbrake through the driver’s open window, is seen on dramatic bodycam video being propelled down the road hanging half out the car.

After about 300 feet, Williams reversed and slammed into a police car now giving chase.

Colleagues Pc Sophie Staniforth tried to open the passenger door while Pc Emil Ward fired a Taser stun gun, but Williams took off again for another 350ft dragging Pc Morley.

It was then that the officer had no choice but to throw himself clear from the vehicle as it sped away.

Pc Morley was taken to hospital and treated for a number of severe grazes and a fractured left wrist.

He told the Standard: “Instinctively, I tried to jump into the car and on top of him. I was trying to find the handbrake. He drove forward, crashed into a bollard, then reversed back and hit our unmarked police car. At this point, I was trying to drag him out. The car got to about 50mph and I thought, ‘This is getting really bad’, so I jumped out. I hit the ground and rolled a few times.

“A few seconds later, I would have collided with metal railings and it would have been really, really bad.

“Looking back at that bodycam video is harrowing. I could have died. I was lucky.”

The incident has drawn comparisons with 28-year-old PC Harper who was dragged to his death as he tried to stop three thieves fleeing after they stole a quad bike in Berkshire last year. Read more 

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