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Boris Johnson remains in intensive care at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, after he was admitted on Monday night as his coronavirus symptoms worsened.

According to official figures published on Monday afternoon:

Another 403 hospital patients in England who tested positive for coronavirus have died, taking the total number to 4,897.
The patients were aged between 35 and 106, and 15 of them had no known underlying health condition.
London has recorded the most deaths – 129. The Midlands has seen 75 and the North East and Yorkshire 67.
Coronavirus was a factor in almost 5% of all deaths in England and Wales in the week leading up to March 27.
Global cases of the virus have now surpassed 1.3 million and almost 75,000 people have died worldwide.

Here’s the latest on Covid-19:

Michael Gove self isolates

Michael Gove has become the latest member of the government to go into self-isolation because of the coronavirus.

Michael Gove

Many thanks for kind messages. In accordance with the guidance, I am isolating at home after a member of my family started to display mild symptoms of coronavirus on Sunday. I have not displayed any symptoms and am continuing to work as normal. #StayHomeSaveLives

6:24 PM – Apr 7, 2020
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It is understood the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is in quarantine at home in accordance with official guidance after a member of his family displayed “mild” symptoms.

He is continuing to work as normal.

Boris Johnson spends night in intensive care

Boris Johnson spent the night in intensive care, after being moved there as his coronavirus symptoms worsened.

The prime minister is understood to be conscious and was moved at about 7pm on Monday as a precaution should he require ventilation to aid his recovery, No.10 confirmed.

Michael Gove has said Johnson received oxygen support at St Thomas’ Hospital but is not on a ventilator.

“He is not on a ventilator. The prime minister has received some oxygen support,” Gove told LBC.

“He is kept, of course, under close supervision. By being in intensive care if there is further support he needs it is there at hand. But the prime minister has not been on a ventilator.”

Earlier he told BBC Breakfast: “As we speak the prime minister is in intensive care being looked after by his medical team, receiving the very, very best care from the team at St Thomas’ and our hopes and prayers are with him and with his family.”

Johnson’s plight has prompted well wishes from leaders and people around the world.

US president Donald Trump said Americans are praying for Johnson’s recovery.

He told reporters at the White House that the British leader has “been a really good friend”. “He’s been really something very special, strong, resolute, doesn’t quit, doesn’t give up,” Trump said.

“When you get brought into intensive care, that gets very, very serious with this particular disease.”

Trump reportedly added that he’s asked major, “genius” drug companies to “contact London” and attempt to assist Johnson during his period of ailment. Read more

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