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Theresa May has said the country would be in uncharted territory if MPs reject her Brexit deal in the looming Commons vote next week.

Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show the Prime Minister also insisted there can be no second vote on Brexit.

Asked whether she would implement a second referendum if it was voted for in the Commons she said: “In my view there should not be a second referendum.

“What we see in parliament is some people who are advocating a second referendum because they want to stop Brexit.”

She said a new vote would “divide our country” and she went on to say “you could not get a referendum in time for the 29th of March.”

“You would be talking about extending Article 50, we are already three years from the vote to leave the European Union.

“I think we should be leaving the European Union and delivering on that vote.”

Mrs May repeatedly sidestepped questions about whether she would keep putting the deal back to MPs if it gets rejected, instead saying: “If the deal is not voted on, this vote that is coming up, then actually we are going to be in uncharted territory.


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