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A Labour politician who says he was a victim of deliberate food poisoning on a ministerial trip to Russia has accused the Conservatives of “deliberate British amnesia” in ignoring years of infiltration and refusing to publish a parliamentary report on Kremlin meddling in the UK.

Writing in the Guardian, Chris Bryant said that Conservative governments had instead allowed a “massive influx of dirty money to enter the UK” and that £3.5m of money from Russians “has dripped into the Tory party” since 2010.

Bryant called on Boris Johnson to “come clean” and publish the intelligence committee report. “It’s the only way he can counter the Russian influence that clearly hangs over him and his party.

“At best, successive Conservative prime ministers have been naive about Putin. If Johnson continues to refuse to publish, though, the only conclusion will be that he is complicit and has something to hide.”

The process started, Bryant wrote, when David Cameron came to power in 2010, in an attempt to normalise relations with the regime of Vladmir Putin four years after the fatal poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.

“So when David Cameron arrived in Downing Street he wiped the slate clean. Russia was one of the world’s major fast-growing economies. We needed to do more trade with Putin and let bygones be bygones. Read more

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