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Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the U.S., has announced his resignation days after leaked cables revealed his sharp criticism of the Trump administration and the U.S. president responded by saying he will “no longer deal with him.”

“The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like,” Darroch wrote in his resignation letter issued Wednesday.

He went on, “Although my posting is not due to end until the end of this year, I believe in the current circumstances the responsible course is to allow the appointment of a new ambassador.”

Trump targeted Darroch in a series of tweets after the ambassador’s communications bashing the president were made public over the weekend.

“I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well thought of within the U.S.” Trump tweeted Monday.

A day earlier, the British news site The Mail On Sunday first reported on “secret cables and briefing notes” in which Darroch called the Trump administration “dysfunctional,” “clumsy” and “inept.”

“We don’t really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal,” Darroch wrote, according to the newspaper. As for Trump, Darroch said, he “radiates insecurity.”

The U.K. government has stood behind Darroch amid the diplomatic firestorm whipped up after the leak.

“Sir Kim Darroch continues to have the Prime Minister’s full support,” a spokesman for outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement.

“We have made clear to the U.S. how unfortunate this leak is,” it read. “The selective extracts leaked do not reflect the closeness of, and the esteem in which we hold, the relationship. At the same time, we have also underlined the importance of Ambassadors being able to provide honest, unvarnished assessments of the politics in their country.” Read more

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