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A recent report outlines how Conservative social security promises would raise the UK child poverty rate to a record-breaking high.

The Resolution Foundation released a report, ‘The shifting shape of social security’, which covers the real-world impact of three key political manifestos: The Conservatives, Labour and The Liberal Democrats.

The meaning of poverty in the 21st Century is ever-changing to us, with up to 70% of children who suffer poverty living in households where at least one adult is employed. So what should politicians bear in mind when creating policy?

What are some predictions for the UK’s future?

1. There is a growing prevalence of disability

Since 2013, the amount of people under 35 with a disability has been rising swiftly. Mental health conditions such as depression are responsible for 61% of the prevalence increase. The role of disability benefits for helping those who struggle to work with a mental illness is a rising issue. Read more

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