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A British teenager who took up e-cigarettes to stop smoking at the age of 16 has urged others not to start vaping.

Ewan Fisher, 19, was put on life support after suffering serious respiratory failure which doctors have linked to vaping.

He said he developed a “choking cough” and was struggling to breathe before going to hospital, where he was treated for hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) – a type of allergic reaction to something breathed in which results in inflammation of the lung tissue.

“I was vaping for about four or five months before I got ill. I’d say I was vaping about a normal amount – maybe 10 to 15 times a day,” he said.

“I switched to vaping because I thought it would be healthier and I was really into my boxing at the time so wanted to feel fit.”

Fisher’s life was saved after doctors connected him to an artificial lung in order to pump oxygen into the blood and around his body, before he began a slow recovery. Read more

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