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Britain will see another weekend of sizzling heat and “wall-to-wall” sunshine as what is likely to be the driest May on record comes to a scorching end.

Temperatures are expected to peak at about 28C, with barely a cloud in the sky up and down the country across Friday and Saturday.

Sunday is set to be more of the same but with patches of cloud around in some regions.

It comes as what is set to be the driest May since records began draws to a close. Only 32.4mm of rain has fallen on the UK so far this month, which is 46 per cent of the average.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Salter said: “The whole of the UK is going to fine, dry, warm and sunny with pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine over the next few days.

“[On Friday] temperatures will generally be in the low to mid-twenties. Highs of about 27C in the west of England and Wales. 28C in Scotland.”

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The mercury is set to peak again at 28C in Scotland on Saturday and Sunday, with highs of around 25 or 26C further south. “On Monday it will continue to be warm,” Ms Salter added, “a little bit cloudier but very similar. Highs of about 26C and still plenty of sunshine.”
The clear skies and warm weather next week will be welcome news for Britons, who by then are able to meet friends and family outdoors as the lockdown is eased. People can meet in parks and gardens in socially-distanced groups of six from Monday, under Boris Johnson’s gradual relieving of the measures. UK weather forecast UK weather forecast UK weather forecast UK weather forecast