" /> Chinese villager is tied to a post and scolded by a hazmat-clad inspector for refusing to wear a face mask during coronavirus outbreak
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A villager in China has been bound to a post and severely scolded by a hazmat-clad health worker because he refused to wear a face mask while going out.

Footage shared by Chinese state media shows the man being fastened to a pillar by ropes outside a building as he tries to explain to the inspector that he had forgotten to put on his mask.

The officer, donning a full-body protective suits, is seen criticising the tied-up resident furiously: ‘Do you wish to live? If you don’t wish to live, the other locals still want to live.’

One angry user urged the authority to launch an investigation: ‘What is this? Disciplinary committee, please investigate carefully.’

Another viewer defended the resident: ‘Don’t just say that people don’t wear masks. Where can farmers go in their villages to buy masks?’

The authority of Mengke township said yesterday that it had looked into the matter.

In a statement, officials claimed that the villager, known by his surname Jing, had failed to wear a face mask on a daily basis 

Officials said that health workers had urged him to wear a mask multiple times, but Jing continued to go out without the preventative measure. Read more

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