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A sharp rise in voter registration, predominantly among young people, has boosted Labour’s hopes in the general election.

Figures show more than 3 million people have registered since the election was called on 29 October.

More than two-thirds of those applications are from people under 34, who tend to be more favourable towards Labour than the Conservatives.

The Electoral Reform Society said the overall figure for registrations is 38% higher than the 2,315,893 applications to register in a similar period in the 2017 election.

There have been on average 114,000 registrations per day this time around, compared with 68,000 registrations per day in 2017.

It is estimated that around a million of those who registered were just being cautious and will already have been on the register, but that still leaves a large number of new applicants.

Jess Garland, director of policy and research at the Electoral Reform Society, said: “This surge in registrations is highly encouraging, given the huge numbers missing from the electoral roll. Read more

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